Litesa Wallace speaking to crowd

From protecting voting rights to women’s rights, Litesa Wallace knows what matters most, and fights for it.

Litesa Wallace first ran for office because as a single mom, counselor, and educator, she saw what was happening to families in her community and was motivated to bring the change and support they needed. In her three terms as a state legislator, Litesa championed criminal justice reform, introduced measures to reduce violence, expanded affordable child care and mental health care access, developed opportunities for women and girls, and extended the Rivers Edge Historic Tax Credit to help redevelop Peoria and Rockford.

Litesa holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University and a master’s degree and doctorate from Northern Illinois University and previously served as an adjunct professor at NIU and at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Litesa is mother to Izzy and “mi-mi” to a small child she fostered.

Litesa Wallace's father
Litesa Wallace's mother with her as a baby

Litesa learned the values of hard work and service from her mother and father, a postal worker and police officer respectively.

Her father was also a Vietnam War veteran, which helped to give Litesa a deep understanding and appreciation for the sacrifices of military families. It’s why as a legislator she advocated for a year-round Veterans’ Discount Program, protected veterans from employer discrimination, and supported the development of Illinois’ Veteran Suicide Taskforce. In Congress, she’ll always protect those who serve.

Litesa Wallace with her son
Litesa Wallace with her son

As a single mom, Litesa knows the challenge of finding affordable childcare and the impacts of the rising cost of food and rent.

It’s why as a legislator she strengthened childcare assistance, fought for a $15 minimum wage, and to make millionaires pay their fair share. Working families will be her priority in Congress. She will support President Biden’s transformative agenda to make childcare affordable, to provide paid leave, continue child tax credits and make sure hard work results in good pay.

Litesa Wallace talking to voters in restaurant

Women’s health and rights

Litesa will stop attempts to end Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood. She will protect reproductive freedom, lower the cost of quality medical care and fight for equal pay for equal work.

Expanding skills and job training

As a first-generation college student and a single mother, Litesa knows all too well the financial burden families face to obtain trainings and degrees that can better their lives. She’ll fight to make trade schools and colleges affordable and accessible.

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