The Wallace Policy Initiative, or WPI, is a collective of local, regional, and national subject-experts who possess lived or informed experience critical to the needs of our community. Their interests and knowledge base will include, but not be limited to access to quality and affordable healthcare, climate justice and clean energy economies, the creation of a national and/or state living wage, voting rights and voter suppression legislation, women’s rights and Roe V Wade protections, restorative justice and reform, etc.

The focus will be to guide, assist, and advise Rep Wallace in the brainstorming, crafting, and implementation of policy initiatives for working class families in the IL17 district (nation). Dr. Wallace wants to ensure that her policy agenda and record continue to reflect the passions, hearts, and needs of the people she serves. The team will work as community liaisons for the Wallace campaign, to ensure the desires of hardworking union dads and moms, single-led households, underemployed wage earners, and those facing mounting challenges after COVID-19, among others, are heard and engaged.

Wallace Policy Initiative Team activities may include:

1. Meeting regularly with Rep Wallace to recommended policy ideas based on community feedback

2. Conduct research and share valuable professional insight on key policy areas of significance to the IL-17 district

3. Connect with community organizations, non-profits, and impacted groups regarding to policy agenda

4. Assist in the planning of advocacy opportunities, including Capitol Hill and IL Legislative sessions


Dr. Wallace commits to making sure that local families are adequately represented and heard, both in IL and in Washington D.C! WPI will also work with our Fellows to ensure that the next generation of leaders are equipped to make a lasting impact. If you desire to use your gifts and talents to amplify the voice of your community, click the link below to apply for either of these!